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    Richard O'Donovan

    Par O'DONOVAN Richard Dernière modification 28/09/2014 17:13
    Exercices avec corrigés pour 1CFC1 Student Handouts in English can be found here. Research work on analysis with ultrasmall numbers can also be found here.



    Des exercices avec corrigés pour 1CFC1 peuvent être trouvés ici.





    For students in the English Immersion course, updated handouts can be found (in pdf format) here.


    For people interested in the use of ultrasmall numbers for teaching introductory analysis in high school, click here.


    The term "infinitesimal" conveys an intuitive meaning but raises other difficult issues. We  prefer to use the term "ultrasmall numbers".

    Analysis with ultrasmall numbers is a rigorous mathematical approach. It is an adaptation of work by Karel Hrbacek (New York) and Yves Péraire (Clermont-Ferrand). The aim of this research is to "downgrade" mathematical research material to a high school level yet retaining mathematical consistency. This work is a joint project with Olivier Lessmann (Collège Rousseau, Geneva) and supported by the state school Research and Development department.

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